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Freddie Mercury's real name is Adeline Toniutti.

In fact, the King met his Queen
And she decided to take up the torch of a legacy that is difficult to bear, and that she assumes with an intensity worthy of the greatest.

Freddie, you can rest easy.

Thanks to them, the Show Goes On

Sud Radio

Queen and Freddie Mercury's top hits, and more

30 years have gone by since Freddie Mercury's passing.

Our show is a tribute to the pop icon who was an admirer of opera and who always dreamt of bridging the rock and the opera universes.

The show features top hits from Queen, songs from Freddie Mercury’s solo albums and from his collaborative Album with Montserrat Caballé, as well as exceptional Queen songs that have never been sung live by Freddie Mercury.

The group is led by Adeline Toniutti, lead vocalist, who sings Freddie’s voice. She is accompanied by two professional opera singers and a talented one-man band pianist.

The alchemy of the lead vocalist's pop singing with the operatic voices and our pianist's virtuosity brings forth a new rock dynamic.

Freddie's magic lives on
To see a cheering crowd, to have them sing along with us, is what we go on stage for, every show we give.

Now touring worldwide

As of September 2021, we are touring worldwide in honour of the greatest singer who has ever lived.

We celebrate Freddie Mercury's talent in intimate venues as well as in major performance halls.

Contact us to book a show

February 2022

New York City Tour
and Bitter End Show

Adeline Toniutti & Friends at the Bitter End.jpeg
Freddie Mercury Tribute - The Bitter End.jpg

❝ I found her so Freddie: I thought, Freddie would be delighted. And to end a tribute, also given her story, with “the show must go on...”  I’m crying all over again. Such an amazing night. ❞


d adeline.JPG

Adeline Toniutti sings Freddie Mercury

Adeline Toniutti was an opera singer until 2014. As her career started peaking, she had a very serious domestic accident which burned her respiratory tracts and severely injured her vocal cords.


Practically mute, she underwent a long voice therapy during which she worked on every part of her vocal apparatus, discovered its most intricate details and set up an extremely precise vocal technique that allowed her to recover her voice.

She is an international vocal coach and frequently appears on television as a jury for singing competitions.

She returns on the scene for the first time since her accident to pay tribute to Freddie Mercury, her childhood idol. Her lyrical voice gave way to a rock voice. Adeline now sings in a pop and belting style.

The Pianist

Fernando Henrique de Oliveira

This pianist's dazzling style comes from the encounter of a virtuosic classical training and a devilish groove straight out of his Brazilian roots.

Sabrina Le Cor
Lyric singer

A trained osteopath, this soprano has a large and deep voice that makes us picture the spirit of Montserrat Caballé's voice and personality.

SABRINA LE COR9658-1_edited.jpg

Cyril Ghanem
Lyric singer

French-Lebanese tenor and executive at a leading education sector company.

ensemble (3)_edited.jpg

Contact Information

For booking requests or other information:

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